DIY Rice Flour & Honey Facial Mask

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As we transition out of winter and into spring and summer, it is important to give our skin lots of attention, making sure it is recovered from the past season. Winter was particularly rough because of the so-called polar vortex, so our skin is now ready for some brightening and detoxing! Here is one of the many masks that I'll be using during this seasonal transition, using the ingredients rice flour and honey.

Here are the ingredients I use in the rice flour & honey facial mask. Rice flour contains tons of nutrients that help erase blemishes, brighten and moisturize the skin. I especially prefer to use rice flour after I've had a bad breakout because it helps the skin heal and look refreshed. Rice flour also has many benefits that prevent wrinkles and help fade pigmentation, not to mention it can be used as an exfoliant. Not only does honey help bind the rice flour for easier application, it too as many benefits for the skin, such as preventing aging, treating acne and creating a natural glow.

1 Tbs Rice Flour (15 grams)
1 Tbs Raw Honey (15 grams)
Optional: add a teaspoon (5 grams) of water or brewed green tea for thinner consistency

After you've washed your face and mixed the ingredients together, apply it using your fingers or a brush and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. When rinsing it off, the rice flour acts as an exfoliant, removing any excess dirt and oils trapped deep in the pores. You'll notice after use, your skin immediately feels energized and renewed!

I purchased the honey and rice flour at my local grocery store. You can also find rice flour at some Asian markets and health food stores. 


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