Easter in Austin 2014

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For this Easter I decided to get a bit festive and whip out my Easter egg tights, which I normally refer to as my cupcake tights (or as my mom calls them; happy pants). I purchased these at a store called Melrose while my mom was visiting town a couple months back and we decided to get some for the whole family! I truly felt they were appropriate for Easter/Spring. I paired the tights with a floral shirt from Nordstrom Rack, just to tone down the outfit.

Since living in Austin, my Easters have been a bit unorthodox. This year we gathered at my brother and sister-in-law's house and had brunch consisting of eggs, bacon, fruit salad and English muffins. We always include a bit of music in our gatherings (like a drum circle), hence the picture. Anything that takes place outside is fine with me. It was a beautiful day, although a little cloudy, but we managed to have a smashing time.

It is now officially starting to feel like springtime! The flowers are blooming and the clouds are fading away. It's about that time to break out the camera every time I see a perfect little flower. Here are some more pics I took at the Easter brunch. Ahhh, I just love springtime.

Here's the purse I included with my outfit, which I recently found at goodwill for around 8$. It was such a good find and goes really well with any outfit. It's small, simple and I'll easily be able to wear it while riding my bike.

Here's the whole outfit put together. This was taken, walking along the bat bridge in Austin near Lady Bird Lake. I thought it was a golden opportunity to capture the entire outfit. It could've been a little more sunny, but at least it didn't rain.

Here are some cute little Easter trinkets! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Now onto new and exciting adventures for the upcoming weeks!


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