Stila The Natural Palette Review

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Lately, I've been loving this Stila palette called The Natural. It has become a part of my daily makeup routine. I don't normally go for high end brands. I like to try them out every so often if I find a good deal. I purchased this one because it was very reasonably priced! I always keep my eyes open for some great deals in high end products.

Here are the gorgeous colors to choose from. There are 6 eye shadows, 1 all over shimmer and 1 bronzer. There's a great balance between shimmer and matte shadows. The top three (pure, linen and innocent) are matte, while the bottom three (element, demure and silk) have a shimmer to them. My daily routine has included the top right color, innocent. I sometimes use it by itself or add a pop of shimmer to the look. The color innocent has been my go-to eye look because it's so gorgeous and natural by itself. I find these shadows last all day, without retouching and they don't crease. As for the all over shimmer and bronzer, I'll be using those more in the summertime. I don't really gravitate toward products that give me a shimmery complexion, due to my oily skin, but I can't wait to use the bronzer more often, once I attain that summer glow!


On my crease, I used a mixture of innocent and silk, to add a bit of shimmer. On my lid I blended in demure, to brighten up look. I also used pure on my brow bone. I could have blended the colors more, but I was seeing how it would look if I let them contrast each other. I'd say this look could be worn to almost any occasion. It could be dressed up or down, depending on the preference.

1. pure 2. linen 3. innocent 4. element 5. demure 6. silk 7. organza--all over shimmer 8. soft clay--bronzer

The first two have very light pigment, but you just have to build them more. Innocent has the most pigment and the rest are great to build with, as well. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to utilize the all over shimmer, for my oily skin. I suppose it gives a healthy glow to the cheeks, but I shall be experimenting with this later.

Overall, I'm highly impressed with this product. I purchased it at Ulta for 20.00$, although, in my opinion, it's worth more than that. It also comes with a mirror and a guide for applying the colors. It's a great palette to start out with because it's easy to get a flawless look, when applying and it goes without saying that the packaging is adorable too!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Send me suggestions on what I should review next.


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