Confessions of a Night Owl

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Lady Bird Lake
Oh, the struggle that is getting to bed at a decent time. "But Mommy, it's still light outside!" Well, not quite, unless you mean the lightening that's illuminating the sky at the moment.

It's been raining for about 3 days straight here in Texas or I'm just living the same day over & over again. I guess we need it, to avoid the imminent drought that will consume us near the end of the summer. We'll have to start limiting our water rations & stealing water from New Mexico & Louisiana. 

Back to being a night owl. Hoot hoot! I wish I was one of those people that thrived in the morning time. Since day 1 (my birth), I've had an infatuation with anything past midnight & before 7 am. To me, it's the fascinating unknown. Rather than waking up at the crack of dawn, why not use the sunrise as a time for productivity & instead sleep through the boring parts of the day? It makes sense, no? 

I know everyone's different. Some are more productive at 10 am, whereas others conquer around 3 pm. I feel my golden hour is between 9 pm & 2 am. 3 am is where I start to feel a bit loopy & my ideas just get a little too cray. 

Well, I'm ready to return to my cave. Hoot hoot to all my night owls out there & chirp chirp to all the early birds who I am extremely envious of!


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