DIY Rice Paper Facial Mask

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Vacationing season is upon us & I'm trying to find ways in which I can ready my skin for travelling. Nothing is worse than having a face full of blemishes right before vacation (which always happens to me). I'm talking beach vacations or even returning home from college. I'm finally finished with the spring semester of school, so I have all summer for adventures & soul-searching!

I wanted to share a mask that is both easy & gentle; perfect for readying the skin for a big trip or upcoming event. This one is similar to my rice flour mask, which I previously blogged about (if you haven't read it, go check it out). Instead of using rice flour, I thought it would be fun to use rice paper, which is much easier IMO. The best part is it's a peel-off mask, so it's super fun to try. 

Rice paper has many properties that brighten the skin & help fade acne scars. It is frequently used in Asian cultures to help soften the skin & erase blemishes. It's also very economical & easy to find! 

Start by cutting out individual pieces for each part of the face. Typically, I make one for the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin & anywhere else that needs covering. 

Each part can be customized to fit the face. Keep in mind it may shrink a little once it is added to the warm water. 

Heat up a small amount of water to place the mask in, so it will soften & become sticky. I like to infuse my mask with green tea for the extra benefits, by steeping the water for a few minutes. This also makes the mask smell better. Leave it in the warm water for around 30 seconds & it is ready for application.

After cleansing the skin, place each part of the mask where it belongs before it cools off, otherwise it may be harder to stick on. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes & peel off. It may leave the skin feeling tingly, which is completely normal. It will instantly look & feel soft. Make sure to moisturize afterwards! 

Hope you enjoyed this easy facial mask! Rice paper wrappers (aka spring roll wrappers) may be purchased at your local grocery store or get it here.


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