NYX The Natural Shadow Palette Review

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I love me an affordable palette with lots of natural, everyday shades. On occasion, I like to go more bold, but I'm always on the lookout for the best au natural palettes. NYX has an amazing selection of eyeshadow shades & palettes to choose from. Over the week, I made a stop at CVS & discovered that they recently started carrying NYX products (Finally!). They've got a decent selection, from primers to lip butters. Given the choice between a natural palette & smokey palette, I immediately, without any second thought chose the natural palette, knowing already I would use it often.

There are six shades to choose from, but they do not have names. It was challenging to get a decent swatch of all six shades. As you can see, the most pigmented are the lightest & darkest. The ones in the middle are very subtle. The one I was most looking forward to trying was the salmon-y shade toward the middle. I was very disappointed because it is not pigmented enough to be visible on the eyelid. The darker ones are pigmented enough, but the others are lacking, which makes me doubt that they work for all skin tones. 

I attempted to use the salmon color on my lid, but it wasn't showing up at all, so I used the second darkest shade instead. I blended that with the darkest shade on my upper eyelid. On my brow bone, I applied the lightest color & blended it with the rest. 

Some of the shades can be used for a natural makeup look, but slightly too natural, in my opinion because they hardly have any pigment. Another reason many of the colors don't apply effectively is because of their chalky texture. I haven't had this problem with other NYX shades, so I find this puzzling. 

Hope you enjoyed this review! This palette can be purchased at any store that sells NYX products for around $7.00 or get it here.


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