San Antonio Texas Trip Part 2

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On day 2 of our San Antonio trip we managed to cover a lot of ground. Since we were technically tourists, our goal was to see as much of the city as possible before our bus departed around 8 pm & that included visiting family.

After we scarfed down our complimentary breakfast at the Crockett Hotel, we went right next door to the Alamo. It was very early, so luckily there weren't too many people. In order to learn the true history of what happened at the Alamo, we would have to diligently read through all the descriptions, but unfortunately we had to hurry through it.

The entire area that makes up the Alamo used to be a battlefield. It's insane to think of how many people gave their lives on this hallowed ground.

These are the six flags over Texas. So many nations make up Texas & credit is given to all of them!

Before first experiencing the Alamo, my expectations were very low, thinking it was just a single building, but it is much more than that. On top of being a major historical landmark, it's also a giant garden with lots of tropical plants & shrubbery. I feel rather guilty that both times I've been to the Alamo, for whatever reason, I'm never able to soak in its historical significance. In order to do so, we would've had to spend hours looking over everything, but we were in quite a hurry. We will probably visit San Antonio again soon and spend more time learning about Texas' history. It closes around 5, which I find way too early, since it might be a lovely place to visit in the evening.

Our next stop was visiting my boyfriends' great uncle & aunt at their Thai restaurant a little bit north of the city. Since we didn't have a car, we took the bus quite far out of the city to reunite with them. His great uncle moved from Cambodia to San Antonio back in the 1970's and luckily we've managed to get in touch with him. It was great catching up & learning a little more about Asian culture. They spoiled us with Sushi, Pad Thai, Miso Soup & more! Their restaurant, Thai Bistro & Sushi is delicious & we are so lucky they live near us, so we're able to visit them often.

After our visit with Kong and Ma (meaning something along the lines of grandpa & grandma in Cambodian), we stopped at the San Antonio Zoo. I hadn't been to a zoo since I moved to Austin, so this was a perfect opportunity. I was surprised at how big it was & the diversity of animals they had. I'm one of those people that feels rather guilty for ogling at animals in their cages because I would have it if they were unhappy or lonely. Regardless, it was awesome seeing some of my favorite creatures such as snakes, elephants & tigers!

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a live flamingo before. Their color is absolutely beautiful!

Sun bears love to eat honey all day. Remind you of someone? Winnie the Pooh!

Aw, look at those two love cats!

This dude growled at me! Probably because I made fun of his ratchet hair.

Next stop was a quick visit to the Japanese Tea Gardens, conveniently located right next to the zoo. This place was absolutely gorgeous! Such breathtaking scenery, which includes a lovely pond of koi fish. It's also free & open until dusk, which was nice because most outdoor places closed around 5 or 6.

If I lived in San Antonio, I'd make this spot my hangout. There are too many tourists, so next time I'll probably come super early when nobody's around.

It took me forever to get a shot with no people in it. 

It's like a giant tree house!
After enjoying the Tea Gardens, we made our way back to Thai Bistro & Sushi to indulge ourselves further & catch up with Kong and Ma before our short trip back. We had some bamboo chutes & shrimp in a blanket, while discussing our future plans in education and life. After saying our goodbyes, we travelled back into the city to board our bus home. Fortunately the trek was only an hour & a half back to Austin. I'm glad to be back, but I can't wait to visit SAT again. I also can't wait to have more adventures this summer! Hope everyone is having some relaxation time of their own!


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  1. Oh! How I wish I could visit San Antonio before I die. Such a perfect city to live in.

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