San Antonio Texas Trip Part 1

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One awesome perk about living in Austin is having the beautiful city of San Antonio a mere 80 miles away. I thought it would be a nice treat for my boyfriend & I to take a mini vacation after a hardworking year of school. We both needed a quick & cheap getaway, so we booked a hotel over groupon in San Antonio. San Antonio is a great place because we get to visit family & see several of the wonderful attractions that make Texas one of a kind.

To get from Austin to San Antonio, we took the megabus, which is super cheap & easy to get from point A to Point B. We've been to San Antonio before & have used the megabus many times for other travel because it's so convenient & affordable. We stayed at the Crockett Hotel, right across from the Alamo. It was a simple & quaint hotel that felt both comfortable & welcoming.

San Antonio Museum of Art

Our first stop was the Art Museum, which is located downtown. It was National Art Museum Day, so we got in free (originally it's $10). The museum was definitely very impressive. My expertise in art comes from taking a few college classes & I enjoyed it to the fullest. Here are some of my favorite pieces!

Albert Bierstadt Passing Storm Over the Sierra Nevada 1870

Miniature funerary mask 3rd-1st Century B.C.E. Hellenistic Period

Shakyamuni Buddha Myanmar (Burma) Late 18th-19th Century

Knives made of Diamonds & Gold from Saudi Arabia 20th Century

Malanggan Figure New Ireland, Melanasia 20th Century

Rama going to Lanka India, Himachal Pradesh c.1820

Lama Phuntsho Sherab Tibet c. 17th Century

Incredible Sand Mandala, ceremoniously made by Buddhist Monks. It was originally supposed to be destroyed as a part of the ceremony, but the Dalai Lama allowed the museum to preserve it for educational purposes.

There were so many incredible pieces. My favorites were, of course, in the exhibit of India because of all the ancient Hindu relics. I have always loved studying cultures of the far east. It was incredible to see some of the unique designs used in the masterpieces. They definitely gave me some design ideas, as well!

The next destination was the Riverwalk, which is a must-see in San Antonio. It's over 2 miles long & great for taking long, mystical walks. I could never get tired of tropical plants & palm trees! The Riverwalk is a shaded area, so we weren't burning up under the Texas sun.

The have nice boat rides where people can learn the history behind the Riverwalk.

The architecture in San Antonio is breathtaking! I got some nice shots of several buildings that capture the different cultures of San Antonio. We often felt like we were in a different world because of all the intricate designs. The architecture has a diverse array of Spanish, Mexican and French influence.

I can't get enough of the rich culture & architecture of the city! These few photographs can't capture the true essence of San Antonio. There are so many different vibes mixed together, it's hard to keep up! There were a lot of tourist-y places that we tried to avoid, in order to get a real taste of SAT. Although my heart lies in Austin, I definitely give mad props to this splendid city.

Coming Soon.. San Antonio Part 2


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