Update On No-Poo Method & Using Shampoo Bars

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It has been almost two weeks since I began the no-poo method & I just couldn't wait to give an update on my experience with it. Around 12 days ago I began using a shampoo bar to replace liquid shampoo. I chose this route because I'd like to grow out my hair & make it seemingly more thick. I suffer from thin, brittle hair that I attribute to genetics & probably eating habits. "Suffer" is kind of a strong word, but it certainly is a day-to-day struggle. 

After a couple weeks of every-other-day use, the bar has shrunken a bit. It seems to be melting in my shower, so I'd like to find a way to preserve it better. One pro is that I don't need to use it everyday because it works like a normal shampoo in keeping my hair from looking greasy. As long as I use some dry shampoo on my second-day hair, I feel comfortable not washing it daily. 

When I use the shampoo bar, I notice I have to be very thorough or else some areas around the shaft of my hair will feel greasy. Other people have had this problem, but it can be easily solved if enough lather is spread throughout the hair. The shampoo bar lathers great & completely cleans the hair, otherwise I'd have to wash mine everyday. 

I wanted to show how my second-day hair looked. I added a tiny amount of dry shampoo to the roots, but everything else is a result of using the shampoo bar. I'm very impressed with how clean it feels, even after a day without washing.

As far as long term effects, it's too early to tell very much. I've noticed my hair maintains its natural oils, without looking too greasy. With liquid shampoo, my hair would feel dry for a day & then get very oily the next day, like I rubbed my head  in canola oil. I've also gotten several compliments on the shine of my hair. 

For those with colored or permed hair, the shampoo bar might be perfect considering it does not contain detergents that will strip away the color. It also restores the damage that color treatment leaves behind. 
On top of that, shampoo bars are very eco-friendly because there is no plastic bottle to dispose of & they're bio-degradable, not to mention super affordable!

A question I get a lot is whether you can use the shampoo bar for your body. Absolutely, yes! Instead of bringing a shampoo bottle & a body wash while travelling, just bring a shampoo bar & use it for both the hair & body. It will work the same as regular soap & it's TSA-friendly!

It all comes down to finding the right shampoo bar for you. Your hair might need a few days to a week, in order to adapt to the change, but it'll be worth it. I'm having tons of luck with my current bar for damaged hair, but I will definitely be experimenting with other brands & styles. Some might lather differently or contain other ingredients, so I'd like to try more of them.

Hope you enjoyed my update on the no-poo method! Let me know if you try this method & how it works for you. Get the shampoo bar I use here.


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