A Night of Music: Blues on the Green 2014

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Hello everyone! On Wednesday I kicked off my summer of music at an event called Blues on the Green at Zilker Park in Austin. I wanted to share a little bit about the bands & my experience.

Blues on the Green occurs every other Wednesday of summer & features several awesome bands. It's held by a local radio station, 93.3 KGSR. The best part? It's free & open to the public! The two bands that were featured tonight were Wild Child with Saints of Valory as the headliner. My boyfriend & I met up with my brother to hear the show. It was our first experience at Blues on the Green for all of us, so we weren't sure what to expect.

A snapshot of my concert attire. A crop top from Forever 21 & shorts from Papaya.

I'm almost certain that everyone in Austin showed up & I do mean everyone. It was super crowded with thousands of people & tons of facial hair. Zilker is the perfect venue for this kind of musical extravaganza because of its size & convenience.

It was a gorgeous night & not a clowd in the sky. Although the day started out in the 90's, it definitely cooled down by the time the concert started.

Did I mention the whole entire city was there? Quite unexpected, but the crowd had great vibes! I love seeing lots of doggies at these events because it reminds of how Austin is such a dog-friendly city!

Wild Child opened the show, who I initially was not familiar with. Their sound was very organic & I really dug it! The purple hair was also a nice touch! Their style is indie-folk pop, which is definitely one of my genres of choice. I gotta be honest, I didn't want their set to end! Here's a little taste of their music, if you're interested.

The headliner of the event, Saints of Valory is also a band from Austin. Apparently they were the only band from Austin to play at Coachella 2014. They also said they'd be playing at Austin City Limits this year. 

I enjoyed their alternative rock sound & I'm not sure why, but it nostalgically reminded me of high school. It's always good when a band is able to conjure up any sort of feelings, including nostalgia. Other than that their songs were very catchy with some feel-good vibes. It especially sounded good from the very front! They did a cover of "Royals" by Lourde. I was not expecting that at all, but it seemed like a crowd-pleaser. Here's a video of their song, "Neon Eyes". Give it a listen.

We left early because the boys were feeling a bit thirsty, so we trekked about a half-mile over to our favorite watering hole for some drinks & catching up.

Uncle Billy's has been my brother's stomping ground for years. I quite enjoy the rustic atmosphere of the bar/restaurant. We stopped by for a couple of their tasty beers. I'm not the biggest fan of beer, nor do I know a thing about it, but I admire that my brother knows such a grandiose amount about each local type. It felt good to relax after the concert & no better place to do it than Uncle Billy's.

This was the first time in what felt like months that my bro & I got to hang out. Tyler is somewhat of a wanderer, so he's always up to something & lately it's been all about the music scene. The whole night I could not get over how long his chops have gotten. I've got to know his secret! 

We had a major discussion about the concert & also talked about our current endeavors. He's been playing bass in a lot of shows, so it was great catching up. I definitely gotta make sure I stay in touch with this magical, mystical creature!

Aw, look at us! We had a nice time at Blues on the Green. One thing I wanted to note is that the bands are not actually all blues bands. Not what we were initially expecting, but we still enjoyed the featured bands. I'd definitely like to go next time & hear more music. What a great way to kick off the summer! Until next time!


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