DIY Black Tea & Banana Mask for Acne & Dark Spots

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Hello everyone! I'm back again with another miracle mask. I constantly rave about how amazing green tea is & how much I adore it. I wanted to introduce black tea to my skin because it gives different benefits than green tea, but it's just as important.

Black tea is known to have caffeine, which helps get rid of puffiness. Much like green tea, it has a multitude of antioxidants that prevent acne & get rid of dark spots. It promotes blood flow around the eyes, getting rid of dark circles. It also shrinks pores, due to its tightening effect.

I wanted to add a tiny bit of lemon to this mask, as well, because lemon also helps fight dark spots & acne scars. Since lemon & tea both tighten the skin, the added benefits of banana will moisturize the skin & help in regeneration of new skin cells. Adding lemon is completely optional, since black tea will do the trick. 

Start by mushing up a ripe banana until looks too gross to eat. Then use one squeeze of a lemon half, mixing it with the banana. Adding too much lemon could make the mask too runny & harder to apply.

Take the tea leaves from a brewed black tea bag & add it to the mixture. (The tea bag should be steeped for a minute or two, just to warm it up). 

Here's what the mask should look like (appetizing, huh?). Make sure the banana is nice & mashed so it's not too chunky.

Start with a clean canvas & massage it all over the face & neck. It's pretty chunky, so just make sure you cover the entire area with the liquid mixture. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes & exfoliate before rinsing it off. This is just to make sure the mask gets soaked up in to the skin. 

If you have leftover mask, what I like to do is freeze it & use it later on my skin. I put it in an ice cube tray & let it freeze. In about a week I'll take a piece & massage the cube into my skin. It's very soothing & has the same benefits as this mask. 

Any black tea will do, but I used Lipton's Black Pearl Tea. Make sure the banana is ripe because that's when the vitamins are most potent. Hope you get to try this mask!


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