June Goals & Comfortable Chaos

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Hope everyone is having a lovely beginning of June! It still hasn't hit me that May is long gone & we're headed for mid-summer. It feels like Independence Day is right around the corner.

Lately, my mom & I have been discussing how we both need to get our lives in order. She wants to add more structure to her life & I'd like the same in mine. She & I aren't the most organized of people & we live for "comfortable chaos". I coined that term once when I was observing the mess in my apartment. Sure, my apartment was unkempt by most people's standards, but to me, it felt comfortable that way. It was my mess.

We came to an agreement that we have until my visit at the end of the month to achieve our goals. Before I visit my mom in Cincinnati, I'd like to have done yoga everyday for the month of June. She's a yoga instructor, so I want to be prepared to do plenty of yoga with her, as well as visit her studio.

In the upcoming three weeks, I hope to fill the time with tons of yoga & making my comfortable chaos a little less chaotic. It can be done! In the meantime, my yogi mom hopes to adopt more of an organized schedule, as well as maintain good eating habits. It's our duty to remind each other everyday. I'm hoping that writing a blog post on it will help make it happen.

June is a major month for commitment & health. We all want that beach body & now's not the time to make empty promises. I also hope to utilize the pool in my apartment complex for doing laps or just daily swimming. What's everyone else commiting to this month?


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