Latest No-Poo & Bar Shampoo Update

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Hello everyone! Lately I've been a little wrapped up in the World Cup hype. Not sure why since I'm not a huge soccer fan, but it's pretty awesome. I'll definitely be keeping up with games these next few weeks.

It's been about a month since I started the no-poo method & I wanted to give a few updates. The first time I tried the no-poo method, I was in love with the idea. I'm trying to make my hair healthier & thicker, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

This is the shampoo bar that I first started using. It's the J.R. Liggett's shampoo bar for damaged hair. About a week ago, I used up the bar & had to purchase another. (Note: I have to find a way to prevent the bar from melting so quickly, so it lasts longer.)

I wanted to try something a little different, so I went for the original formula, instead of the damaged hair formula. Basically it's the same thing, with a few ingredients missing (vitamin e, aloe vera & almond oil). It shouldn't make that much of a difference, but we'll see!

For the past month, I've ultimately been training my hair to require less washing & maintenance. I used the shampoo bar every other day & I can gradually see less oil. I used to have to wash my hair daily or add a massive amount of dry shampoo, which isn't the best thing for strong strands. Currently, I am able to go two days without washing my hair & feel comfortable doing so. It's a miracle, right?

I kid you not, I was a super greasy mess & now my scalp is beginning to produce less oil, which makes me less prone to stripping the natural oils of my hair. My showers are so much shorter & I use less water. I end up saving a ton of $$$ because of this added routine.

I'll continue using a bar shampoo & hopefully go even longer without washing my hair. After two days, my hair still doesn't need a wash & feels extra soft. As for the health of my hair, it's definitely improving. I strongly recommend this for people with color treated hair or those who use many heat styling tools because this will prepare your strands.

Soon I hope to do a post about my entire hair care routine & some tips for those who are like me & wanna grow it out. That's all for now!


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