My Travel Essentials

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Hello everyone! I'll be going on a trip soon & I wanted to share some of the things I can't travel without. I'm all about simplicity, but sometimes there are just a few essentials for taking on a trip.

My flight will be fairly brief, but I still think it's important to stay comfortable, especially since it's very early in the morning.

Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are something I couldn't do without. Regardless of whether I actually wear makeup on my flight, I like to bring a few so I can immediately feel refreshed with a quick wipe down. This is especially useful if you're wanting to apply makeup before you get off the plane, which is what I typically do.


Travel with a little container of your favorite moisturizer because planes are very VERY dry. Despite my flight being only a few hours, that's still enough time to do a bit of damage to my skin. I like to apply my moisturizer right after using a makeup wipe.

If you want ultra moisture, bring a handy-dandy sheet mask. That'll make your skin feel like a million bucks during a long & tiring trip.


I use Vaseline many times a day for my constantly dry lips. It's so much better than any other lipbalm & it does not have a taste. It keeps the lips hydrated for a very long time.

While traveling, I like to have a mini tub of Vaseline for my lips, as well as other areas of my skin that get extra dry during flights.

Fem Wipes

Yep, you heard me. Feminine wipes are super important to have on board, even on shorter flights. The lack of ventilation down there will require a little more attention than usual. Use them to feel fresh & healthy!

Crop Tops

I tend to pack heavier with clothes, just because I want plenty of options to choose from. I'll be bringing several crop tops simply because they're super lightweight & easy to pack. Since it's summer, I won't need to pack bulky sweaters, so packing a few crop tops will ensure plenty of room in my suitcase.

Jewelry Holder

To keep all my jewelry organized & easy to access, I bring along a small jewelry holder made of cloth. It has little pockets that can fit rings & earrings, so nothing gets tangled on the trip.

Well those are just a few things I'm bringing along on my trip! What are some of your traveling essentials?


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