Summer Solstice at TOMS Roasting Co.

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We've all heard of the brand of shoes called TOMS that are known for giving a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought. Perhaps not many are aware that they roast coffee, as well. I had no idea up until recently, when I spotted TOMS Roasting Co. in the Austin, Texas area.

I've been wanting to check this place out ever since I spotted it on South Congress. Finally my boyfriend & I gave into our curiosity & checked it out. We were pleasantly surprised by the ambience of the place. They had an area where you could buy TOMS sunglasses & shoes. They also had plenty of awesome spots (inside & outside) to relax & enjoy a beverage.

We both got the chai latte, recommended by the barista. I'm not much of a coffee fan, but they have a lot of other options like tea & beer. For every bag of coffee bought, TOMS will give clean water for a whole week to someone in need. I thought that was pretty honorable.

There's a marvelous view of the hustle & bustle happening on South Congress. We took this opportunity to sit on their swing seats out front & people-watch. Lots happening on Saturday night, especially since it's the summer solstice. We listened in on a nice Mexican band playing up the street & enjoyed our chai lattes.

Spotted some horses trotting down the road. This is quite common on Soco lately. They've even got the cowboy/cowgirl getup!

A girl walking around balancing a pot of flowers on her head. There's no limit to what your eyes will see here on South Congress.

We determined that this will be our new hangout & where we'll bring friends & family. South Congress is our favorite part of Austin & TOMS Roasting Co. is right up the street from all of our favorite food/stores.

 It has such a quaint vibe, even though the company itself is quite large. Definitely a great alternative to Starbucks. I'll have to try more of their beverages, but the chai latte was pretty great.

And the best part?

They have hammocks to just relax in! That immediately stole my heart. Every coffee shop should have hammocks for its patrons. Why is that not a thing? Moral of the story, I love this place. I could definitely get a ton of work done & have relaxation time all at once. Such a great vibe overall!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful summer solstice!


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