Why You Need Castor Oil in Your Life

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Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all in on one of my not-so-secret, multipurpose weapons; castor oil! I know, right? When I first heard through the grapevine about this amazing substance, my first thought was "isn't that a laxative?"

Needless to say, I was unaware of all its magical powers. So, here are a few ways I use castor oil & why it's one of my necessities. One of the main reasons for castor oil's effectiveness is it's ability to penetrate deeper than other natural oils. The benefits seep deep into the skin, which is why it's been used for many centuries to cure dozens of ailments.

For Hair:: Castor oil is one of the most important natural oils that I use to deep condition my hair. Here's my post about how I use natural oils, including castor oil. Basically, castor oil helps stimulate hair growth & contains tons of goodness that contributes to the strengthening of strands.

Makeup Remover:: Waterproof eye makeup can be a total pain to remove. & it almost never comes completely off (at least in my experience). Castor oil works miracles at removing even the toughest of waterproof eyeliners/mascaras.

Moisturizer:: Sometimes I use castor oil on my face & lips because it is extremely beneficial for the skin. It improves the elasticity, which delays the occurrence of wrinkles. It doesn't make me breakout at all, which is awesome because everything tends to make me breakout. It's actually supposed to prevent acne, as well. Since it is rather thick, I rinse it off after I've rubbed it into my skin.
Tip: Warm it up in between your fingers before application. The skin always absorbs better through warmth.

Longer lashes:: Part of my nightly routine is rubbing a bit of castor oil on my lashes. Not only does this remove all my eye makeup, leaving the castor oil on overnight will stimulate lash growth. It also helps with getting rid of dark circles!

Thicker Brows:: Add a little to the brows overnight & overtime they'll end up growing thicker. The castor oil penetrates deep into the follicles, allowing them to grow faster. This is perfect since bushy brows are a huge thing on the runway lately.

Nail growth:: It's always important to make sure the nail beds are hydrated. I like to add a bit of castor oil to help each nail grow faster (even the toenails). It's extremely moisturizing & able to penetrate deep within the nail bed to be extra effective. Just a tiny bit around the cuticle & you're good to go!

I hope I'm not leaving anything out. Make sure the castor oil is cold-pressed, otherwise it won't have the same benefits. I purchase mine at the grocery store or health food store. Get It Here


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  1. This sounds amazing for hair! I should really try it out!


  2. Yes it's awesome! Love your blog btw!