Adventure, Silent Movies & Decluttering

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Hello everyone! What have you all been up to for the first few weeks of July? Hopefully lots & lots of mischief! Here a few things I've been loving lately & wanted to share.

Via visualobscurity on Tumblr

Something I have brought back from Cincinnati is a love for silent movies (Don't ask!). First of all, they're simply hilarious. I'm a sucker for some silly comedy (which includes a man being chased by a large group of cattle or the other way around). The actor pictured above is a well-known silent movie actor named Buster Keaton.

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I like this pic a lot because it reminds me to keep saving more money for travelling. My mom does this thing where she adds a dollar to a jar each day, which I think is a great idea. Eventually I'll save up enough money to travel to Asia like I've always planned to do.

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Something I'll be doing a lot within the first few weeks of school starting. Once the semester starts, my table will have piles & piles of books for school. It get's so frustrating being a student & having clutter.

Once I achieve decluttering my house, I hope to do a post about it, if possible. It should be so simple, yet it's totally not! I feel like it takes way less effort to clutter, than to declutter.

Via gildedinggyspy on Etsy

Here's a handmade slave bracelet I found on etsy that is absolutely gorgeous! The shell adornments make it very mermaid-like. I've been shopping around for a slave bracelet & I can't seem to find one in stores. Etsy is the perfect place to look because of all the unique handmade stuff.

Via Tumblr

Here's a quote from a song I've been listening to all week, which is called Sunshine by Matisyahu. The song is from his new album Akeda, which I'm loving. It's a good song to listen to while feeling down because of it's upbeat vibes. You can find the music video here on Youtube.

Well, that's it for some weekly goodies!


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  2. Lovely post and the bracelet is just gorgeous. Keep up the good work.