Back to Cincinnati Part 1: Hiking, Pedicures & World Cup

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The past couple weeks I was visiting my lovely hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio & I wanted to share some snapshots of the trip. I was accompanied by my boyfriend who is also from Cincinnati & we had a nice visit with family & friends.

The first thing I did upon arriving in Cincinnati was going to Mt. Lookout & getting a pedicure with my mom. It felt amazing in spite of getting no sleep the night before due to an early flight.

 We were very indecisive about which colors we wanted, but I eventually settled on red for Independence day & my mom got a fun coral color for summer. Needless to say, my first pedi experience was a success!

Later that night we returned to Mt. Lookout to hear some quality live music. We listened to a topnotch local band called The Bluebirds & did a lot of dancing! Hearing live music was very appropriate since we were coming from Austin!

The next day we spent at my dad's house, swimming & catching up. I got to show my boyfriend an old park that I used to play at when I was a kid. It was very nostalgic to see the park had stayed exactly the same.

We rode bikes on a few trails & enjoyed the moderately warm weather.

We stopped at the Cincinnati Astronomical Society up the street, which had a gorgeous bamboo forest.

We might've been trespassing, but it's such a gorgeous place to relax & take pics of the massive satellite.

We got a chance to explore the forest behind my dad's property, which is mostly trees, but we came across a field. Again, we were probably trespassing, but we wanted to take a few harmless pictures & maybe do a bit of field dancing!

Of course we needed a place to watch the USA vs. Belgium world cup match, so we settled for downtown Cincy. We joined hundreds of other fans to watch the game at fountain square. It was a very emotional game, but still a lot of fun to watch with so many people.

Stay tuned for the remainder of our Cincinnati visit!


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