Back to Cincinnati Part 2: UC, Downtown & Yoga

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Hello everyone! Here's a continuation of my Cincinnati trip & few more pics I wanted to share. For the next few days of my trip, we got to explore all the things I miss about my hometown!

I was surprised to come home to a very different city than the one I had left years ago. It seems to develop more potential as time goes on. One of my favorite improvements are the addition of more bike lanes, which is the ultimate sign of progress IMO. Little things like that made me proud to call it home.

A few days before the 4th of July, we made a stop at a little diner called Park Chili in Northside for some good ol' Cincinnati chili! It was very quaint & the food was delicious.

My boyfriend Bunrith (left) & his best friend Zane (right)

Next we headed down to visit the University of Cincinnati & messed around on campus. We stopped by our favorite Bubble Tea joint for some beverages & reminiscing before heading downtown for some more adventures.

Downtown Cincinnati has a neat place called Findlay Market that my boyfriend & I frequented when we first started dating. He said it reminds him of the markets in Cambodia because of their selection of meat, seafood & other treats.

There's a little Asian store where we like to go & purchase tons of foreign treats for friends & family. During our visit, we managed to buy some snacks, as well as tea & Asian soda. It's fun to see the vast selection of items, while my boyfriend thinks back on his childhood in Cambodia.

One of the highlights of my visit was getting to see my mom's yoga studio. Years ago she began training as a yoga instructor & I'm proud (& a little envious) that she is living the dream & teaching yoga.

We attended the Ashtanga practice at the Yoga ah! studio in Northside, which was founded by my mom's guru, Amber Gean. The practice focused on strengthening every aspect about the body, including the soul. The fire that is my love for yoga strengthened tenfold & I felt incredibly revitalized to be back at the studio once again!

Oh, the natural light! Attending Yoga ah! reminded me how important it is to practice in a studio as much as possible. Having all that open space really allows one to focus on the breath.

What a lovely idea! I'd like to decorate my own mat one day. This one gives a detail of the chakras!

A little place giving homage to the art of yoga & creator of Rocket Yoga, Larry Schultz!

Staying hydrated after a wonderful Ashtanga sesh!

My Yoga ootd (outfit of the day). All threads borrowed from my mom. We applied kumkuma on our forehead to illuminate the third eye!

Hopefully on another visit to Cincinnati I'll come back to the Yoga ah! studio & even take some instructor classes! 

To the people of Cincinnati
Hope you enjoyed Part 2 of the trip! There are more pictures to be shared so stay tuned for another post or click here to see part 1!


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