Back to Cincinnati Part 3: Fireworks, Parades & Live Music

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Back with a few last photos of my trip to Cincinnati! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been pretty chill, just enjoying my last month of summer break, then back to school in the fall.

The night before July 4th I accompanied my boyfriend & mom to fountain square for some salsa dancing & fireworks. If you live in Cincinnati, I highly recommend going to Salsa on the Square, which takes place on each Thursday of summer. This was one of my favorite things to do because I absolutely love salsa dancing & live salsa music!

We got there pretty late, so we danced a few songs & watched the fireworks. After that we drove over to the Pirate's Cove for some more live music!

Hanging with my amazing mama, who is a live-music-fanatic & yoga instructor!

Here's a pic of Bunrith & me enjoying the music. We love the Pirate's Cove because it's right along the river & it's an outdoor restaurant/venue. The Goshorn Brothers were playing, which is is a well-known local band from Cincinnati.

We spent July 4th attending a parade with my mom during the day & later having a family party at my dad's house. Here are some shots of the parade!

Straight from the sixties!

Attending the parade in Northside definitely made me proud that this was my city because of its eccentricity & open-mindedness. We watched the parade across the street from my mom's yoga studio, right in the heart of Northside.

Later that day, we had a grand celebration at my dad's house, where we played water volleyball with family & friends. My cousins brought over tons of fireworks & luckily no one was injured in the process of celebration. For the next few days, I had an amazing time with my family & was sadly reminded how much I miss them from Austin. I hate goodbyes!

Next day we returned to my mom's house to spend some more time with her. The downside of the trip was being juggled between my parents' houses, which are quite a distance apart.

We met up with some friends at the gorgeous Ault Park. My boyfriend & I used to picnic here often because  of it's breathtaking scenery. Definitely one of the best parks in Cincy.

If you're into nature, here's a cute little bug we spotted at the park!

This was taken on a stroll around the Eastside. We were walking up to a place called Busken for some doughnuts & cookies.

We walked up to get some drinks at Lookout Joe in Mount Lookout. My favorite here is the peach Italian soda. The smoothies are yummy too! Mmm, refreshing!

While in Cincinnati, I got to see my cat Duncan & precious dog Dusty (getting a bath in the picture above). I've missed these little rascals so much & never thought it would be so hard living far away from them!

Here are a few shots of some of the architecture & aesthetic beauty of Cincinnati. It's always nice to appreciate the culture of the city.

Most of these were taken downtown & in the Clifton area. I absolutely adore the intricate architecture.

My father (left), uncle (middle) & boyfriend (right)
On our last day in Cincinnati we went to Jungle Jim's, which is a massive international grocery store. We were in the area visiting my uncle, so we popped in to buy a few things. 

My dad & uncle bought a ton of saltwater taffy, which I personally don't care for. There were dozens of flavors to choose from & I thought it was pretty hilarious how much they ended up buying.

Here are some random pics of me messing around with a cheap wig I found from a Halloween years ago.

Bunrith, mom & I put on some temporary mustache tattoos we found. I really wish these were permanent!

Well that concludes all the pictures from the trip! Here's where you can find part 1 & part 2 of the vacay. So glad that I can share these photos with everyone!

I'll be missing Cincinnati lots & will hopefully visit again soon! Glad to be settled back in Austin now. I hope everyone is having fun vacations of their own & catching a break from the daily struggle!


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