My Favorite Instagram Accounts

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Hello everyone! About 60% of my entire 24 hour day consists of shamelessly browsing Instagram. What can I say? I get so much inspiration from a single picture of a breathtaking landscape or a cute puppy/outfit. I see it as a great way for people to debut their artistic side, as well as share snippets of their life.

I can't be the only one. When I initially joined instagram, I immediately followed hundreds of cool accounts just so my news feed would be endless. Now I can hardly catch up, but there are some accounts that I especially monitor because, well, they're amazing. I wanted to share some with you.

1. @Vintage_Vogue

This has to be a favorite vintage-style account of mine. Pictures featured are from Vogue archives & display leisurely throwbacks. I mean, it's vogue & vintage, what more could you want?

Whenever I come across a pic from Free People, I'm so tempted to forget whatever I'm doing & 
track down the nearest store. I guess that's the point of their posts; to leave you wanting more. I don't think my wallet would appreciate it, but it sure is tempting!

This picture makes me so thirsty & I'm not even a fan of coconut juice. This account = life. It's by a travel/lifestyle blogger named Jessica Stein. She travels everywhere & always makes sure to name the place in the photograph, which I highly appreciate.

Although I've never actually purchased anything from Gypsy Warrior, I love gaining inspiration from their fashion posts. Their style can be best described as edgy-boho & all their clothes/accessories can be found online.

This account takes amazing photos that aren't too overdone with filters & editing. I'm pretty sure they've never posted a photo that displeases my eyes. Every time I see gmy_vintique on my feed, I have a mini freakout because of how perfect the pictures are & how badly I want to be in that moment.

This happens to be where I get my kitty-fixin' for the day. Tons of cute little kittens that'll make your heart turn into a pile of mush (don't lie, it happens). I love how cats have this reputation of being so hypnotically cute, but also super devious on the inside. Underneath that fluffiness is an elaborate plot to rule the world!

7. @Fashiglare

This account made it to my favorites because of their variety & randomness. You can find the trendiest things & stuff that'll make you wanna spend a pretty penny. I love this outfit because I can actually see myself wearing something exactly like this.

Another great account to find tons of inspiration & trendy things. This particular photo is simply stunning. I was thinking if I ever get married, I'd totally want my wedding dress to have that gorgeous lace cutout. 

9. @AhimsaJewelry

Last but not least of my favorite Instagram accounts is Ahimsa Jewelry, which happens to have a site on Etsy. First of all, the jewelry is exactly my taste because each piece has a spiritual essence in it. Also, this account has tons of posts about meditation & yogic things, which I totally dig. If you, as well are into that sort of thing then you should totally check it out!

Well those are my favorite accounts on Instagram. Let me know if you have any favorites you wanna share. You can follow me on Instagram at @marswho & get updates on when I have new blog posts or just keep up with my daily occurrences. I wanna start stepping up my Insta-game since it's such a wonderful, artistic community. That's all for now!


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