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Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. Yesterday I was able to have some chill time at the pool, which felt super nice. Here in Texas, it's still about 90-100 degrees fahrenheit & will probably remain that way for a few more weeks.

Part of me can't wait for it to cool down, as long as I can still go swimming. For some reason I'm looking forward to wearing warmer clothes because I've basically exhausted the heck out of my summer outfits. I've run out of combinations & depleted my clothing resources!

Now onto some internet stuff I've been browsing this week..

Has anyone been keeping up with New York Fashion Week? I've been browsing some of the catwalks via Twitter & Tumblr. It's fun to see all the action, as well as gather ideas for upcoming trends. Regardless, I would love to be in New York right now checking out the street trends.

The photo above is from Rodarte spring/summer 2015. I absolutely love the platform shoes paired with elegant, flowy dresses. This has to be one of my fave collections.

Another collection that really stood out to me happens to be from Jeremy Scott, who collaborated with Miley Cyrus (her NYFW debut) for spring/summer 2015. The collection is called Dirty Hippie & I absolutely love it because of all the colors & artistic expressions. The collection is a throwback to the good ol' days where flowers were a must & matching was out of the question.

Here's an article from Teen Vogue about how to get your brain from summer-mode to school-mode. This article has really helped me make the difficult transition. I should be used to it by now, considering I've been going to school my whole life, but I still get anxiety within the first few weeks of classes.

One major point in the article was that buying school supplies is super helpful to get organized & mentally prepared for school. School supplies are my favorite thing about school & that includes shopping for clothes. 

Another point in the article was to start making plenty of plans for fall so you have more to look forward to. This is exactly what I've been doing because I wanna have plenty of fun activities to keep me busy until the end of the year. 

Via Tumblr

Here's my inspirational quote of the week, which I thought was appropriate for those who are experiencing that all-too-familiar existential crisis. This quote literally came into my life at the perfect time because I always forget to trust my own instincts, instead of looking to others for answers. 

Well that's it for my internet inspos of the week. Maybe I'll come up with a better name, maybe not. See you all in my next post!


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