A Marleewho Intro To Health & Wellness

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a spectacular October! I've definitely been having some adventures this month. If any of you are following me on insta [ @marswho ] you've probably seen the crazy stuff I've been getting into (shooting ranges, silent movies & more).

I wanted to share my thoughts on a healthy lifestyle since I don't often bring it up in my posts. I also wanted to discuss whether I should include such content or leave it to the professionals & fitness gurus.


So I'm not a huge fitness buff & hopefully that's not too obvious to anyone, but I feel like I was designed to be more sporty than my current state of lethargy. Growing up, I played every sport & had four older brothers to measure up to. Perhaps I'm not entirely lazy. I walk/bike at least a few miles a day since I don't drive. I also do yoga quite often, but I still feel like society is making me lack something fitness-wise.

Whenever, I walk past the crossfit gym, a feeling of envy washes over me. Not because I have any immediate desire to join crossfit, but simply because I know I haven't nearly pushed my body hard enough & I feel guilty for that.

Eating healthy? Don't even get me started. I can't be the only one that thinks buying fruits & veggies is more of a chore than an adventure. First you gotta choose the best candidate that will both last the longest & taste the best. Then you gotta take it home immediately, wait for it to ripen, wash it, cut it, (possibly cook it) & proceed to devour it, only to find the rest all mushy/soft a day later.

That is why frozen fruit & smoothies are my best friends. I also buy any fruit drinks I can get my hands on, since that requires no effort on my part, so I'm not completely against nature's candy. I'm hoping to find more ways to make my fruits & vegetables have a longer shelf life, so I stop wasting so much.

One topic of wellness I don't mess around with is drinking water. I'm so obsessed with the amount of water I consume a day, it almost scares me. Fortunately, it's caused me to knock out a lot of unhealthy drinks in my daily routine, such as soda. I haven't completely sworn off soda, but I definitely don't have to worry about drinking too much.

Water keeps me from needing caffeine, believe it or not. It helps me wake up easier in the mornings & stay awake all day. It's not gonna make much a difference after a night of no sleep, but it's still a huge part of my daily routine.

Health isn't something I want to completely consume my time, but I do need to make some changes to a better lifestyle. Let me know if any of you have the same sentiments or wanna hear more about my relationship with health. That's all for now!


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