DIY Vintage 1920s Movie Star Costume

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Hello everyone! So Halloween is right around the corner & I wanted to give you all some ideas for a possible last minute, easy, DIY costume. I'm usually a last minute costume kind of person, so this works perfectly.

Generally when I'm racking my brain for a costume idea, I think of something that I'd especially love to be for one night. One of the reasons I chose a movie star from the twenties is, well, who wouldn't want to be a movie star from the twenties, right? 

This costume can be used for a few other decades as well, but I've especially been loving silent films lately, so I chose to go super vintage with it. Plus I got to play around with a lot of filters for the photos, since photographs back then had a special uniqueness to them. 

Growing up I always wondered why people from back then looked kind of strange. Now I realize it's because of a number of things including makeup technique, style & obviously the camera. This costume is for everyone, as long as you're okay with a lot of makeup & pizazz.

A few techniques I picked up on were heavy eyeliner, both under the eye & above. This gives the eyes a smokey effect, when picked up on camera. Eyebrows are typically long & thin (well groomed), so it helps to use concealer around the edges to give them that appearance. Lashes should be big & bold. I thought about using fake lashes, myself, but totally chickened out!

Pairing that smokey look with a dark lip is a must. For my look, I used a reddish brown, which actually turned out a little lighter than I initially wanted. Next time I'll go for a darker red & see how that does.

Bronzer is only used for light contouring. I used a foundation that I typically wear in wintertime when my skin is fair. Most of the twenties actresses kept their faces a bit pasty. Blush placement should be on the apples of the cheeks. I opted for a reddish blush so it would show up in photographs.

Short hair played a pretty major role in the style of the twenties. In order to give the appearance of short hair, I curled it & pinned it back. I also left a few curls up front & pinned those down. Head pieces & headbands were used widely back then. I also thought of cutting the hair on a wig, which could work too.

As for the threads, two words -- thrift shop. The dress underneath is a polkadotted red dress that matches the robe. I bought the robe at a local thrift shop, conveniently in the Halloween section. Aside from missing a few feathers, I thought it was pretty perfect to complete my twenties movie star look. You can wear anything underneath & it will still look ravishing.

Other options include any kind of flapper-style dress. A feather boa is what I initially had in mind as a perfect accessory. Faux fur works well if you really want to flaunt it. Just make sure to have lots of flashy jewelry, especially dangly earrings.

The most important thing about this look is that you have fun with it! Play around with different looks. You can make it more on the sexier side or go a bit traditional. This look is also great for duos if you want to give the impression that you & your partner just stepped out of a silent movie!

Lips -- Revlon Spicy Cinnamon
Foundation -- Rimmel Match Perfection 240 Soft Beige
Concealer -- Boo-Boo Cover-Up
Blush -- Milani Red Vino (also used as eyeshadow)
Eyeshadow -- Maybelline The Nudes (black used as eyeliner)
Eyeliner -- Lancome Black Coffee (also used for eyebrows)
Powder -- Maybelline Dream Wonder 25 Buff Beige
Mascara -- Urban Decay Perversion

Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY costume. That's all for now & have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. Love this look! Your makeup is beautiful :) It is always fun to dress up vintage... Halloween or not!!! :)