Asian Supermarket Haul

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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I didn't do much shopping on Black Friday this year, but on Saturday I went with my boyfriend to our local Asian supermarket here in Austin.

We got a ton of stuff ranging from seafood to sweets because the place is huge. It's very nostalgic for my boyfriend because he grew up in Asia & loves telling me stories of different foods he ate. My favorites are the adorable snacks, delicious tea & yummy drinks.

Here are some of the snacks I got, which will hopefully last me more than a few days. Pocky has been one of my favorite treats for years until I discovered Hello Panda biscuits. I also got a whole pack of Instant Thai Tea, because I love Thai tea! 

 These are all my favorite drinks from Asia. I love anything with Lychee in it. That's my favorite of all the fruity flavors. If you've never tried Ramune sodas, I suggest you look for them at a nearby Asian grocery. They'll probably become your favorite sugary soft drink! You'll also have trouble opening it at first because it can be quite confusing, but delicious!

Here are a few teas I picked out; some Oolong and green tea. I love trying new teas because they can be super nutritious. Lately I've been chugging green tea because it's amazing for skin, as well as speeding up the metabolism. Oolong tea is also extremely beneficial for fighting diseases & has similar qualities to green tea.

Along with all this good stuff, my boyfriend bought a ton of seafood & kimchi because that's his personal favorite. There was a huge selection of noodles & spices that I wanted to try, but unfortunately I'm not very skilled in cooking Asian dishes.

Hope you all enjoyed this haul & can't wait to share more stuff with you guys. That's all for now!


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