Concert & Autumn Wedding Look

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely Fall. The past few weeks have been quite busy for me, so I wanted to share a few of my makeup looks for some events I attended. Hopefully I'll be getting back into a regular blogging schedule soon because I have some exciting posts coming up!

Here's my look for a wedding I attended this past weekend. I wore a purple (almost burgundy) dress from Nordstrom Rack (so perfect for an Autumn wedding). I had to pack on the concealer because I've had pretty bad breakouts recently. My lips are wearing a revlon lipstick in the color spicy cinnamon.

For my lashes I referred to this amazing article by Refinery29 that gave me a few tips on how to dramatize the lashes. I was debating on whether to try false lashes, but instead just used tips to help give them natural volume. Every time I feel a desire to use false lashes, I always chicken out! Someday I'll try them when I'm more comfortable, but for now I have these tricks to make them look extra dramatic.

Here's a pic of my ootd for the Matisyahu concert I went to over the weekend. I used a new technique to curl my hair where I pinned up each curl, so it would last longer. It actually made a difference because I left the curls up for about a half hour. Usually my hair flattens after a few hours, but with this technique it ended up lasting all night. I used the same technique for the wedding look & it worked out great, even with all the sweating & dancing!

Hope you all are having a fantastic November & can't wait to share more with you. That's all for now!


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