Holiday Makeup Look & NYX Sex Bomb Femme Fatale Shadow Review

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all getting excited for the upcoming holidays, I know I am! I was shopping at target recently & came across this familiar palette from NYX called Sex Bomb. It looked similar to a NYX palette I previously did a review on called the The Natural. I decided to bring it home and try it out because a lot of the shades look absolutely perfect for holiday looks.

The thing that first struck me about this palette was that it contains a gorgeous red shade. I've been looking everywhere for a decent red shadow, but apparently it's pretty hard to find. It makes sense because red seems harder to blend with other shadows or at least in my experience.

In this palette you have the right amount of shades to create a bomb smokey eye & you can add a bit of red for a festive pop. You have the option of adding some sparkle or keeping it more matte. Half the colors are matte and the other half have a bit of shimmer to them.

I put the shimmery dark grey shadow directly on my eyelid and blended in the red around my crease. I put the white shadow on my upper browbone and inner corners of my eye as a highlight and blended that with the red. I covered my eyelid with the sparkly light grey shade to give it a bit more shimmer. I used the matte black shade as an eyeliner along my upper & lower lashes.

I'd say this palette creates the perfect shade of bergundy for the holidays. It's not too purple, but also not too red either. The shadow is quite pigmented and I actually prefer this palette to The Natural, which I tried a few months ago. That one seemed to have less pigment to this one.

I'll more than likely be using this palette for some holiday fun because it's so perfect for that, but I could also use it for a hot date or when Valentine's Day comes up. The colors are perfect for a night on the town & you could always go darker, in order to achieve a satisfactory nighttime look.

Lips -- Revlon Lipstick in Plumalicious
Cheeks -- Lancome Blush in Rouge Glow
Mascara -- Urban Decay Perversion
Floral Top -- Forever 21

I found this palette at target, but you could also find it at any store that carries NYX, such as Ulta or get it here. Hurry because the holidays are fastly approaching! Hope you enjoyed this review & find it useful. That's all for now!


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  1. Those eye shadow do have beautiful colors, you wearing them perfectly and i started to think what if i wear them. LoL. Anyway would you like to follow each other?

    1. Hope you get to try out this makeup look :) I'd love to follow ya!