Happy New Year & Redecorating Updates

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Hello everyone & happy new year! I'm astounded that 2014 is over & 2015 is upon us. I was so busy over the holidays visiting family back in Cincinnati, so I wanted to update you all on what to expect in 2015 on marleewho!

First of all, here a few pics of my holiday break.

Unfortunately being on a break for so long gave me a bit of writer's block, but I'm trying to get back on track with a few new projects in the works. The goal is to avoid winter blues & reach a whole new level of productivity for 2015. 

I got the idea to redecorate my bedroom while on vacation. I just felt the need to start investing in my own style of decor, which I've never done. Since I'm renting an apartment, I found this helpful article on how to give the room some color without having to paint. My taste is a little too gaudy for plain white walls, so there are a few steps I'm taking to fix that problem.

In the near future I'll be sharing with you some of the projects I'm working on throughout the redecorating process. I'll also share some helpful online stores that I've come across. Most of my shopping has been on Ebay considering how many great deals it has on all types of decor. My main concern is how to make redecorating achievable with a teeny tiny budget!

Other than that, my content should remain the same as it always is. I'll have product reviews & natural beauty remedies. Hopefully I'll have a few adventures this year to bring you all along on.

Lastly, I wanted to give you all a belated thank you for an amazing 2014! Hope this year is a thousand times better for you than 2014 & good luck on achieving your New Year's Resolution! That's all for now.


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