Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

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Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been a bit dreary for me due to an abundance of winter blues. It's something that comes every year, despite living in a warmer climate now. It's nothing too serious, considering Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing, but it does give my life a few extra hurdles in these cold months.

Regardless, I've been distracting myself with tons of homework, redecorating & internet browsing. I wanted to share some of my tips for beating the winter blues because some of you may be going through the same thing.

1. Be outside as much as possible.

Depending on what kind of climate you live in, this might be a little tricky. Obviously you're not gonna wanna step outside if it's unbearably cold, but on manageable-weather days, take a moment to go outdoors. Even when I lived in the mid west I would pick the warmest days of winter (around 40° F) just to soak up a little Vitamin D. This can also be tricky since the days are shorter, but it's possible & it really does make a difference in your overall temperament.

2. Watch a fave film for inspiration.

Mamma Mia! is such a life saver for me in the wintertime! Since this movie first came out, I've used it as a means to getting over my winter blues. Not only does it make me really wanna move to a Greek island, I'm also able to look forward to the warmer months ahead.

Perhaps you have a film or even a song that invokes feelings of motivation or creativity. Use it as a vessel to carry you to happier times.

3. Exercise as a means of keeping warm.

One of my biggest problems when it comes to productivity during winter months is I find it so difficult to leave my cozy couch when my apartment is freezing. I try not to use my heat at all, since the climate here in ATX is usually so warm, but sometimes I give in.

Instead of bundling up to stay warm, keep yourself busy as much as possible (i.e. cleaning, exercise.) Not only will this help save money on electricity because you'll be less inclined to crank up the heat, you'll also burn so many calories this way! 

My usual activities are hula hooping (while watching Netflix), yoga & other menial tasks.

4. Try to postpone TV/Netflix watching.

I know this is a bit contradictory to #2, but it's something I totally need to mention. Perhaps you already figured this out, but cold weather makes you more inclined to stay home. Staying home equals watching more television. Watching television makes you eat more. Eating more & watching TV makes you lose precious time for productivity & that ultimately ends in existential sorrow.

One tactic that I highly recommend to sneakily limit your television consumption while at home is to give yourself a TV-deferral. Even if it means spending extra time browsing the internet (maybe some online shopping), keep telling yourself that you'll watch that next episode later that day or week. This changes your priorities big time & eventually you'll get in the habit of ditching the TV for other activities.

Tell yourself, "I know I have a million things to do before I should turn on this TV show". With the television out of the picture, you have more time to reflect & do numbers 1 & 3. 

5. Know there's always another transition around the corner.

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Lastly, just remember that your winter blues won't last forever. There's a new leaf right around the corner waiting to be turned (literally & figuratively.) Remember to change your inner perspective to align with the changing seasons, which will ultimately turn that winter blues into something positive. 

That's all for now!


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