Eventful Week of Spring Break & SXSW 2015

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Hello everyone! Spring break is already over for me & that means getting back to a normal routine of studying. This past week was SXSW here in Austin & I wanted to share a few things I did over the course of the week.

Since living in Austin, I still have yet to learn the tricks to taking full advantage of all the free events going on around the city. SXSW is a giant tech/film/music festival that takes place for a little over a week in March. I had the pleasure of attending a few free events for the interactive & music portion of sx. 

In order to find events going on around the city, I used a handy website called do512, which essentially has every event in the city at anyone's disposal to get info or buy tickets. It's the absolute best way to know exactly what's going in town all year round, so if you're living in Austin, I highly recommend it!

For the first part of the week I accompanied my techie boyfriend to the gaming expo where tons of groundbreaking technology is featured. We got to catch a glimpse of the future with 3D printing & other amazing stuff like Oculus. There were cosplay competitions & gaming tournaments going on, so we ended up catching two days of the chaos!

Once the music portion of SXSW began, we made our way to sixth street for some live shows. At each street corner, there were tons of musicians having a blast performing for pedestrians. This particular folk band really caught my attention with their homegrown sound. They had everything from a washboard to a washtub bass, which you don't see everyday. 

Yet another amazing musician who happened to come all the way from South Africa for SXSW, Alice Phoebe Lou. She did a quaint little concert on sixth street & wow, I was mesmerized. Her folk-y vibe is incredible & I honestly can't get enough after finding some of her songs on YouTube & SoundCloud. I would've loved to hear more of her live, so hopefully she'll be back in Austin again soon!

Another part of my SXSW experience consisted of attending a Spoon concert. They had been on my list of bands to see & I finally got the chance to attend their show. Unsurprisingly, they exceeded my expectations & put on a great show.

Last stop for SXSW was at an event held by Homeslice pizza with several performances, including one by Tall Tall Trees. The performance was insane, especially considering it's a one-man-band. The entire performance was spectacular, so I immediately dug through all of his music on Spotify. Even though he's from NY, I hope he'll be visiting again in ATX soon to please our hearts with his sound. 

The entire week was pretty invigorating with all the out-of-towners, although I'm not sad to say goodbye to sx, considering I can hear live music on any given day of the week. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my Spring Break adventures. Hope you all caught a break of your own, as well!


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