Natural Methods to Combat Motion Sickness & Other Nausea

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Hello everyone! Lately I've been doing a lot of commuting to & from classes, which has been giving me tons of motion sickness. Motion sickness is something I've suffered from my whole life. It makes me dread riding in cars or buses because I end up feeling nauseous for hours afterwards. I know it's pretty common, so I wanted to share some of the ways I deal with it. 

According to WebMD, motion sickness is most common in children, women & older adults. It is caused by an imbalance in your inner ear, resulting in a conflict between the senses. Some people present worse symptoms than others. Personally, my symptoms are mild most of the time, depending on how long I'm travelling. I often get headaches, especially if I'm trying to read while travelling.

Ginger Supplements

One great, natural way to combat motion sickness is to take a ginger supplement. Ginger has so many nutrients that help with all types of nausea, such as morning sickness & vertigo. I take a few of these pills a day with a big glass of water & won't have to worry about feeling nauseous on my commute. 

Speaking of ginger, these little candies are great to take on long journeys to snack on. They immediately soothe my nausea & are actually quite tasty. Tummydrops are little hard candies that you can suck on & can also be used for morning sickness. Chimes are also a good ginger candy that'll alleviate nausea.

SeaBand for Nausea Relief

To gain a better balance in your inner ear, I urge you to try these SeaBands, which use acupressure to do the trick. If used properly, they apply pressure to the Nei-Kuan point, which is supposed to alleviate nausea of many kinds, such as motion sickness & morning sickness. Great for everyone because they produce no side effects!

Listening to Music

A method that I absolutely swear by to combat motion sickness is to listen to music during travel. Sometimes this means I have to be rude & refrain from engaging the other passengers in conversation, but it's a must. I bring headphones with me everywhere for this precise reason. I make sure to have a great playlist that will keep my ears occupied. The way this works is our ears & eyes are not giving us confusing signals, therefore we can't experience an imbalance. I definitely prefer this method overall because it gives me an excuse to jam to some music on my commute!

Well, those are all the tips I have for getting rid of motion sickness & other types of nausea. Let me know if you can think of other methods because I'm always open to more suggestions! That's all for now.


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