Eeyore's Birthday in ATX 2015

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Hello everyone! This past weekend I partook in one of my favorite events in Austin; Eeyore's Birthday! If you're curious as to what I'm talking about I'll give some background info on it & you can check out my post from last year's celebration here.

Around the last week of April, Austinites come together to celebrate the wonderful day of birth of our familiar pal, Eeyore (AKA Winnie the Pooh's best bud.) People take this opportunity to unleash as much colorfulness & eccentricity as possible in an outdoor festival. All the day's festivities take place around the afternoon, continuing throughout the evening. There's great food, beverages & music. It's also a kid-friendly occasion (my 1 year old niece attended & absolutely loved it!)

As for me, I went with some friends & family. We kicked back on picnic blankets under a live oak tree and listened to drum circles all around us, which there was no shortage of.

No shortage of didgeridoos either!

This fantastic dancer made an appearance in last year's post on Eeyore's Birthday, which shows major dedication. Maybe we'll see him next year too & give him an exclusive interview!

My dear brother, who I've mentioned in a few blog posts before also showed up to the celebration. It was his first time attending & it's safe to say he had a blast. I hope we can make it a new family tradition.

Eeyore's b-day is not complete without some crazy cool accessories & a sunflower dress worn by my soul sister, Tesla.

This should be the unofficial motto of Eeyore's Birthday. Just a bunch of amazing people coming together to celebrate a historical figure that filled our childhoods with love.

And here's me attempting to bust a move with clouds of smoke swirling around. Needless to say, this year's event was super fun & it makes me so bummed I have to wait a whole year for another Eeyore's birthday. You can check out my Instagram [ @marswho ] for more pics of the chaos. That's all for now!


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