Night Owl Yoga Routine: Why I Exercise Before Bed

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely April. As for me, I've just been figuring out last minute tax stuff & enjoying the perfect weather here in ATX.

With the arrival of springtime, it often ignites a need to change up your daily regimen. This past month, I've set out to solidify my yoga routine. My schedule with work & school has been very inconsistent, so I find it hard to set aside an exact time of day to submit myself to the yogic way.

I know so many people struggle with this-- designating a certain amount of time each day to fitness. Realistically, it can be more stressful than it's supposed to be because priorities get in the way. And I believe one of the biggest hindrances to finding time for exercise is this rule that you shouldn't workout before bed.

First, let me clarify. I've found countless articles going both ways with this. The main argument is: stimulation before bed makes it a lot harder to get a good night's sleep. I agree that rigorous exercise is probably best done earlier in the day, but I find yoga, along with other forms of fitness to be calming, even if I choose to challenge myself with more difficult poses.

(Side note: The reason I use yoga as a primary example is because that's my exercise of choice. I also enjoy pilates, belly dance & other kinds of stretching.)

When I first started doing yoga, a whopping 6 years ago, it worked best as a part of my nightly routine & honestly, that hasn't changed much. One of the primary reasons I can't perform yoga in the early morning is because I don't eat enough due to this weird nausea I've gotten my whole life that inhibits me from eating enough in the morning. This, along with other daily responsibilities means I'll end up doing yoga sometime after 5 or 6, when I'm supposed to be "winding down". After I've eaten my dinner, I'll do yoga for 30 minutes to an hour & follow up by getting ready for bed.

I hope one day I can figure out a schedule where I can do both morning & night yoga, but at this point in my life, night yoga is working great for me & I'm still able to get a good night's rest.

Secondly, having some kind of evening exercise could eliminate other vices that prevent us from getting a sufficient amount of rest, such as browsing the internet or watching tv. You could also use it to substitute snacking before bed, which will help nighttime digestion & weightloss.

At the end of the day, it differs with each individual. If you're a night owl like me, I urge you to ditch the myth that night exercise is harmful. If you're an early bird, yet you're unable to set aside time for morning exercise, experiment with an evening fitness routine & see where it gets you.

Sometimes it's best to trust your own body, because some risks are worth taking in order to get some exercise in your life. Let me know what your thoughts are on exercising before bed!


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