My Favorite Product For a Budget: Oatmeal

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Hello everyone! The past few weeks, I've been stuck inside most of the time due to the nonstop rain that has been effecting central Texas. Even as I write this, there is a major downpour accompanied by severe flooding. Hopefully this rain spell will stop sooner than later so I won't be stuck inside for the rest of summer.

I wanted to talk about a product that I've been using lately & have been loving; oatmeal! Most people have easy access to it & it's super affordable. For the past month or so, I've found dozens of uses for oatmeal & I wanted to share some with you.

This summer is all about saving money for future expenses, so make sure to add oatmeal to your grocery list, if you haven't done so already! I can't stress enough how much money can be saved by using this product in your daily routine.

Incorporate it into your morning routine.

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day & sometimes it can be challenging trying to balance this particular meal, due to lack of time for preparation or downright pickiness (like me.) Either way, I highly recommend adding oatmeal to your breakfast because it'll give you loads of energy & it's super healthy. It's just an additional five minutes of your time to add it to your breakfast, which is quite reasonable. It's perfect for adding any kind of fruit, along with a dash of brown sugar. If you need more ideas, here's a few other recipes you can make using oatmeal. Ever thought of adding mango to oatmeal? Yum!

Add oatmeal to your smoothies.

Oatmeal is my favorite ingredient to add to smoothies. It gives the smoothie a perfect texture & adds a sweeter taste, which I love. I add about a half cup to a cup (64 to 128 grams) to attain the perfect blend. Adding this to your smoothie can make it go a long way. It fills your stomach, so you'll be less hungry throughout the day. You'll end up consuming less calories & more protein. (1 cup of oatmeal is around 10 grams of protein.)

Add oatmeal to facial & hair masks.

If you suffer from breakouts or noticeable pores, I highly suggest adding oatmeal to your skincare routine in some capacity. Every few days I like to make my own simple oatmeal scrub using honey, oatmeal & sometimes coconut oil. After applying it to my face, I wait about 10 minutes and scrub whatever is left on my skin. It removes dirt & oil, reducing pore size & preventing acne. Oatmeal also protects your skin from harsh chemicals & keeps it moisturized if you suffer from dry skin. Here's an amazing mask that incorporates oatmeal.

If you struggle with thinning hair or just need a boost, use oatmeal for deep conditioning. Oatmeal replaces many vitamins & nutrients in the scalp, giving life to your strands. If you want more information on deep conditioning using oil, you can find it here. All you have to do is add a few tablespoons of oatmeal to do the trick.

Hope you enjoyed all these wonderful uses for oatmeal. I'm eager to find more ways I can incorporate oatmeal in my life. That's all for now!


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