Adventures at Castle Hill in Austin, TX

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Hello everyone! I recently had a little adventure at a local graffiti spot here in Austin, TX & wanted to share it with you.

It's just a great place to appreciate the underrated art of graffiti, as well as check out some phenomenal views of downtown ATX. We brought a few out-of-towners to check out the public gallery, which I had never been before.

We came on a weekend, so there were tons of people there to paint & check out other's artwork. It's amazing to just walk around & admire the entire gallery. It's completely legal to display one's art & every so often, the walls are painted over so new creations can be made.

The day we went was super gloomy & grey out, but it made a nice backdrop for all the color.

The view of the entire downtown area is wonderful. You can get a little peek at the congress building & the UT campus.

Hope you enjoyed this little post on one of my adventures here in Austin & stay tuned for more. That's all for now!

Mars ~~

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