Exploring Hidden Temples in Kampong Thom, Cambodia

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Hello everyone, I'm back with the next installment of our trip to Asia! Apologies for the delay, as I've been having a busy month of September with starting school & family matters. Ya'll can probably relate. Anyway, hope you all had a fantastic summer & are having an easy transition to Fall!

In my last installment, I left off in Siem Reap, Cambodia where we saw Angkor Wat & lots of other fun stuff. After that, we were picked up by my boyfriend's relatives & taken to a small village in Kampong Thom, between the cities Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. It was about a 6 hour ride & the road conditions were less than satisfactory in terms of safety.

One of the highlights of Kampong Thom & my whole trip in general was visiting this extravagant Wat. It was created as a place of Buddhist worship. I adore the architecture & all the intricate details of each house of worship.

The architecture is simply magical & honestly makes me wanna pack up right now & move to Cambodia. This place is definitely underrated & a must-see for those who wanna soak up the eastern architecture.

Another spot we visited were the ancient temples of Kampong Thom, which are connected to the Angkor Wat structure in Siem Reap. They're hidden deep in the forest, so the trek is long, but well worth it.

Inside each of the rooms were statues made for worshipping. The smell of incense was fresh in each of the "caves" indicating how often monks come & go to pay homage to Buddha.

Another highlight of Kampong Thom was walking up the steps of Phnom Santuk. It was a long way up & along the path we were attacked by a group of monkeys because we unknowingly brought food with us.

We also trekked up another mountain to visit the temples at the top. Along the way we passed many monks which brought about a sense of peace & solitude.

The alter on top of the mountain was filled with statues of Buddha, along with a huge sculpture of Buddha lying down.

We visited a breathtaking waterfall in between Kampong Thom & Siem Reap. The place was packed with tourists so it was tricky to capture the scenery on camera.

Along with visiting these spectacular places, I shared countless special moments with the relatives we were visiting in their tiny village of Kampong Svay (meaning mango village). Next time we visit, I hope to learn more of the native language of Khmer so I'm able to speak with the locals. 

The overall trip to Kampong Thom was rather brief mainly because we felt limited in our choices of safe food to eat. Once we gain more experience in travelling off the grid, we'll be able to make better judgments about how to avoid wreaking havoc on our stomachs.

Thanks for reading & hope to be back soon with the next part of our trip! If you missed the previous post, you can find it here. That's all for now!

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