Benefits of Using Coconut Oil As a Moisturizer & Cleanser

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I've mentioned coconut oil on my blog countless times, so I'm obviously a huge advocate for it in all things beauty & health. I've included it in masks for skin & hair, but today I wanted to talk about how it can be used as a wonderful replacement for your cleanser and moisturizer.

You might be wondering how coconut oil actually cleans the skin because that's what cleansers are supposed to do, right? It contains natural substances that disinfect the skin, getting rid of bacteria & unclogging pores. This helps protect the skin from the harsh conditions of everyday life. Coconut oil also contains anti-aging ingredients that retain the skins elasticity.

I typically use unrefined coconut oil as a replacement for a nighttime cleanser/moisturizer. Put a few drops on your hands, rubbing them together to create warmth, so it absorbs better. Massage the face & neck just like a regular cleanser. Use a towel to wipe off the remaining coconut oil because it is tricky to rinse off. It won't completely wash off, so a thin layer of oil will remain, making moisturizing unnecessary. Using it in the morning is great too, but it may make the skin feel oily throughout the day, which is why I prefer it in my nighttime routine.

You're probably worried coconut oil will cause you to break out, which is initially what I thought. Fortunately, for me it has caused less breakouts & is helping eliminate my acne scars. Remember all skin is different, but it is totally worth trying.

Switch to coconut oil as a way of avoiding the harsh cancer-causing chemicals in normal cleansers or because you wanna save money & simplify your lifestyle. Either way, hope you all get a chance to try it out. That's all for now!

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