My Restorative Week-Long Hiatus from Yoga

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Greetings & Namaskar everyone!

A few weeks ago I had a minor accident on my bike (nothing major, just being clumsy as per usual). I sustained a few injuries that kept me from being able to do much exercising. A few scrapes on my back & severe pain in my neck from whiplash. I happened to wipe out the one time I forgot my helmet, resulting in a huge lump on my head (thank the heavens it wasn't more serious). 

Anyways, I took a week long break from my yoga routine because I simply couldn't do any poses without feeling terribly uncomfortable. I did a few minor stretches accompanied with some meditation, but couldn't partake in my usual daily asanas. It was totally disappointing & I felt guilty that I was out of practice for that long (it felt like a century).

The day I felt able to do more rigorous asanas, I realized how refreshed my energy flow was. My initial thought was to keep up the practice in order to keep the energy flow strong, but that whole week without yoga, my spirit was actually being restored. 

My body had been so overworked at the beginning of the month. It's no wonder my bike accident occurred the day before my scheduled root canal! I'm not sure if I could've handled anymore trauma. 

I'm not saying that I'm happy to have wrecked my bike, but it certainly put things in perspective. Sometimes it's necessary to let the body rejuvenate its misplaced vitality & it just so happens, a break from yoga did just that. 

It's important to calculate how hard to push yourself each day with whatever routine you've incorporated. Apparently more yoga doesn't always equate to more inner peace. It feels amazing to know that I'm able to take a short break from my practice without falling completely out of it, as long as I remain mindful of my spirit & where I direct my energy each day.


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